Connection Architecture

Once a upon a time in the world of marketing, what you needed to succeed was a loud voice and a big budget. Not anymore.

We now live in a world where we are hyper-connected. Credibility can’t be bought and news, good and bad, about your brand spreads at a speed and volume unheard of only a very few years ago.

As Connection Architects, we plan, build and curate the kind of connections between brands and consumers that establish our clients as trusted voices. We compare it to dropping pebbles into a pool of water. While the initial splash is important, the resulting ripples are equally interesting.

So, is this all about social media?

Connection Architecture is communication agnostic, we use whatever tools are appropriate for our clients. Recent media we have recommended includes radio, events, environmental graffiti and the release of a custom written song.

Some of our rules of engagement are:

  • Don’t pollute. Make sure your marketing makes your customer’s life better. It gets you invited back.
  • Be sure to listen. Everything we plan is designed to invite a conversation.
  • Accept reality. The conversation is happening and you can’t control it. But you can be a part of it.
  • Be remarkable. The mundane isn’t worth talking about.
  • Know what it is you’re really selling. Create an emotional bond between yourself and your customers.

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Jo-Ann McArthur
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