Who is Andreas Duess?

Who is Andreas Duess?

I am originally from Germany. In highschool I planned on being either a psychoanalyst or an artist, but doing an internship in a small local ad agency showed me that there was a way to combine those two interests. Soon after I moved to London, UK, where I got a job as a junior art director for Ogilvy & Mather, working with a writer called Matthew Kahn whose regular partner was on maternity leave.

Matthew was in his 50’s, a big man from New York City who used to take three hour lunches and drink a bottle of red each day. Matthew turned into a great and, giving his gruff exterior, surprisingly kind mentor, showing me the ropes and stopping me from making a fool of myself on more than one occasion. We did most of our thinking walking around Soho, sitting in pubs and cafes, observing life. We did some great work together, mostly for American Express and for the Royal Mail.

Fast forward twelve years and three agencies and I was the Creative Director for Banner, an agency within the Young and Rubicam network specializing in clients in the technology sector. Those were the dotcom boom years and we worked with a lot of Silicon Valley people and companies who were shaping the online world. My favourite client during that time was Cisco Systems, who had international presence and an adventurous spirit, allowing us to create work for them that was both creative and effective.

I’ve always had strong personal connections to Toronto and by 2004 my then girlfriend, now wife, and I decided to make the move to Canada. This was at about the same the time when I started observing a change in how the world worked, how the ways we were building connections with friends and brands was fundamentally shifting. I’ve always been a fan of the Cluetrain Manifesto and it looked like the predictions it made in 1999 were finally coming together.

Tools like WordPress, mySpace and blogger started to emerge, enabling a mass conversation without the involvement of mass media.

Here in Toronto I worked with another industry great, Allen Massey, for a number of years. We caused international waves with our Yale Schmale campaign for Lakehead University, even prompting calls to the White House, and sold some pretty groundbreaking thinking to Ramada Hotels. The next step for me was to start fisheye with Jo-Ann and here we are today. You can see a portfolio of my work by visiting me at duess.com.


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